Back to School

Cork Credit Unions are here to help parents with back-to-school costs   Back to school costs continue to rise for parents and over a quarter (27%) of Irish parents are getting into debt to cover the costs of back to school. The average debt for parents to cover the costs of back to school has […]

RepTrak® 2020 Winners

Credit unions regain top spot in RepTrak® 2020 study Credit unions throughout the country have been named the most highly regarded organisations in Ireland according to the latest Ireland RepTrak® 2020 study carried out by The Reputations Agency.  With a score of 83.7, credit unions took the top spot overall for their role as a trusted cornerstone of local communities with over 3.6 million members nationwide. […]

COVID-19 Support

Cork Credit Unions remind members of continued support Communities around the world continue to come together to do what they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As the pandemic sweeps the world, it is important that communities are there for each other. At the heart of every community on the island of Ireland, credit […]

Car Loans vs PCP

Thinking of breaking up with your PCP car finance agreement? Many people are coming to the end of their agreed Personal Contract Plans (PCP) with their car dealer and are wondering what to do next; sign a new contract, hand back the car or pay the lump-sum to buy and own your car outright. If […]