Back to School

Cork Credit Unions are here to help parents with back-to-school costs

Back to school costs continue to rise for parents and over a quarter (27%) of Irish parents are getting into debt to cover the costs of back to school. The average debt for parents to cover the costs of back to school has increased by €40 from €357 last year to €397 this year.

The findings were revealed in a new national survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions on back to school costs. The overall spend on school items in primary school is €1,123 and the spend on secondary schools is €1,467.

Cork Credit Unions are aware that covering the costs of back to school can be a big of the struggle for parents. “We want to reassure parents in Cork that their local Credit Union is here to help, for anyone who needs help, be it with budgeting for the back-to-school spend, or taking out a loan to help cover the costs. We understand that these costs can be financial burden.”

“Our message to our members would be to come and talk to us. Loans are typically approved in a couple of days and there are no hidden transaction fees or charges. As always, we are happy to work with parents to structure repayments in a way that suits their individual circumstances. We are more than happy to assist anyone who might need a little extra financial assistance at back to school time.”

 “We endeavour to meet parents financial needs and are here to lend a helping hand to cover the costs of back to school.” said Ciara Fitzgerald of Cork Credit Union .

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