Cork Credit Unions – Volunteers

At the heart of every Cork Credit Union is its volunteers. The Board of Directors of every credit union is made up from members, who have the skills and knowledge to lead and manage the credit union. These are regular people from the community that their Credit Union serves. They volunteer their time to develop, strengthen and enhance the services of their credit union. People from Cork have been at the forefront of Ireland’s Credit Union movement from the very beginning with Nora Herlihy, a Cork woman instrumental in the foundation of Credit Unions here.

volunteer committee

In return for volunteering, credit union volunteers are afforded the opportunity to;

  • – Become responsible for directing the affairs of a local business
  • – Gain new skills and experience with a professional financial services provider
  • – Enhance personal development through targeted training programmes
  • – Increase career prospects by adding a valuable achievement to CVs
  • – Meet like-minded people from the community
  • – Know that they have helped the continued development of a professional service which benefits the entire community 

We appreciate any ability to contribute to your Credit Union. There are policies and training in place to support volunteers in their roles. In addition to the induction training program for new volunteers, ongoing training is available, and people are encouraged to develop various skills.

Often committees offer an excellent starting point for new volunteers. These committees provide experience, learning and an active role within your Credit Union. Once a volunteer has served the Credit Union at committee level for a period, and training needs have been identified and addressed, they can move into a director or supervisor position.

For more information, please contact your local credit union and ask for the Manager or a member of the Nomination Committee.