Exciting News for Cork Homeowners!

Cork Credit Unions and Energywise Ireland, a leading provider of home energy solutions are delighted to announce a new partnership that will enable Cork homeowners to access competitive loan rates for their home energy upgrades. This innovative collaboration aims to make sustainable living more accessible and affordable for households across Cork county.

As an SEAI-registered One Stop Shop, Energywise Ireland offers a comprehensive range of energy-efficient upgrades that can significantly enhance the energy performance of homes. Through the One Stop Shop programme, homeowners can claim up to €34,000 in grants for a variety of energy improvements. These upgrades include the installation of Solar PV systems, heat pumps, insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, ventilation systems, and much more.

The new partnership with Cork Credit Unions adds an attractive financial dimension to the offering. Homeowners looking to make energy upgrades through Energywise Ireland can now avail of green/ home improvement loans provided by Cork Credit Unions. These loans come with competitive rates, easy application and fast draw down of funds, all with the friendly, familiar help from the team in your local credit union.

Energywise Ireland’s One Stop Shop service handles all aspects of the project, from initial consultation and grant application to the installation and final inspection. This seamless service ensures that homeowners can undertake energy upgrades with confidence and ease.

The competitive green/ home improvement loans from Cork Credit Unions are designed to cover the costs associated with these upgrades, providing flexible repayment options tailored to individual financial situations. This means it is easier for homeowners to finance their energy improvements and reap the benefits of lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

John B. O’Halloran; Programme Manager with Energywise Ireland commented;

“We are delighted to have this collaboration in place with the Cork Credit Unions. Our customers are often unsure how to approach finance for Home Energy Upgrades or Retrofits, now with a direct link to local Cork Credit Unions we can refer members directly to gain the specific details they need based on their quotations at very competitive rates. “

Alan Duff, Cork Credit Unions said

“This exciting partnership with Energywise means our members in Cork county have access to a key Cork supplier who specialises in home energy upgrades and retrofit in tandem with our competitive green/ home improvement loans, we are delighted to work with the Energywise team”.